What are the best seasonal gifts for women this autumn 2011?

We review the most timely and to-be-cherished gift ideas this autumn and winter

Buying gifts has always been a tricky business. Born out of all the goodwill in the world, we can think we know a person until one day we buy them the ‘perfect’ gift….and they hate it.

The perennial dilemma seems to be: how can I buy a gift that is personal and meaningful, yet guaranteed to be loved, long-lasting and useful to the person I am buying for?

When it comes to women’s gifts, sometimes diamonds are not a girl’s best friend. We spent a long time browsing the online aisles of the fantastic House of Fraser to give you a better picture of splendid gifts for her this year – just take a look.

Clothing is a tricky one, as certain choices only seem appropriate from certain gift givers. Women giving other women underwear is a less typical choice – but this season has some gorgeous autumnal off-white satin Elle MacPherson sets that will be appreciated coming from any gift-giver.

Lingerie and accessories are a great option this autumn. It’s a bit intimidating to guess someone’s style and buy a big sweater or dress, but some quality Pretty Polly tights, or sexy slouchy woolen scarves are classic pieces that will be worn time and again – and are bang on-trend, and on-temperature for the chilly autumn.

Scented candles are sometimes a bit cheesy in the gifts department (not the smell, the sentiment…). However they are not cheesy when you give luxurious and genuinely long lasting Diptique scented candles whose delicate perfumes last for days, and are delightfully subtle and classy choices.

For a woman with city or country style , wellington boots are a great choice. Not only are they practical and perfect for fighting off rain, sleet, snow and hail, they’re also a fantastic fashion choice now.

Priced at around £80-£85, Hunter wellies are a British classic, and they are now made in a range of styles and colours that are perfect for country rambling with a sense of humour – or pounding the streets of a city, cappuccino in hand.