Sail into the sunset this summer

For anyone who’s organised a group holiday you know what a daunting task it can be!  Lots of people to please, budgets to consider not to mention the logistics, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Sailing holidays are becoming increasingly popular and unless of course you suffer from sea sickness it’s the kind of vacation where you can be as active or as chilled as you like. Picture it – a lazy breakfast on deck, followed by sun bathing and water sports, all before you anchor up off shore for cocktails and a night on the town.  Sound good?

The thought of chartering a boat can seem like an expensive and complicated pursuit but companies such as aBoatTime can make the organising painless.

aBoatTime is the first fully transactional boat charter booking website in the world and offers completely real time bookings. They have hundreds of boats to choose from and you can have the choice to skipper the boat yourself or choose a crew to help you.  Availability of boats are shown in real time so you can easily see prices and boat spec and it even gives the option for payments to be split among the crew members by sending an email and inviting people whom you book a boat with to pay their part of the total amount.

With so many beautiful destinations along the Med coast the choice is endless and you can choose between a catamaran, motor boat, sailing boat or even a schooner. aBoatTime offer charters in Croatia, Spain, Greece, The Balearics, Canary islands and Turkey so you’re sure to find a destination, budget and itinerary to suit you.  Bon Voyage!