A combination of absolute luxury and quirky innovation, OnlyRoses is the UK’s top high-end rose specialist. They offer over 250+ varieties of the finest, fresh-cut Ecuadorian roses and their exclusive “Infinite Roses”. Their fresh-cut roses are the best you can find in London and the perfect everyday luxury. Their exclusive, long-lasting Infinite Roses are real roses that last for more than a year with no water or maintenance. So if you’re a serial plant killer, with minimal effort you can enjoy luxurious rose arrangements all year round!

Being more versatile than fresh-cut roses, Infinite Roses can be fashioned into the most stunning exquisite arrangements that will last well over a year. This Cool Britannia Union Jack Flag, recently designed and arranged for Harrods used 648 Infinite Roses.

Their new extravagant, London Games-inspired store window of OnlyRoses suddenly appeared on the morning of the Opening Ceremony. Since that morning, it has already started turning heads and stopping traffic along Old Brompton Road, Chelsea, where their flagship store is located.  Its main feature is a spinning, 2.5ft x 2.5ft globe made of Infinite Roses in earthly colours. It is also inspired by the global expansion of the business and a celebration of a universal love of roses.

Apart from their beautiful, fresh-cut roses, OnlyRoses have always been at the forefront of floral innovation. Their previous installation, with the iconic Infinite Rose Union Jack, now takes its pride of place inside the Chelsea store and has been an inspiration to many London creatives. No doubt with the world in their sights, OnlyRoses will continue to push the boundaries in floral creativity and innovation.

They have London branches in Earls Court, Knightsbridge and Mayfair. They also offer corporate, bridal and event services and same day London delivery. They have many celebrity and high profile clients on their accounts and their exclusive Infinite Roses are used throughout Harrods. Prices for the Infinite Rose arrangements start at £95 so it’s the perfect gift for the person who has everything!