Need a little help with life?

If so then perhaps a personalised concierge service is what you need?  These types of services aren’t only for the uber rich. If you’re time poor and travel a lot for business or pleasure then this could be what you need to help your life run seamlessly. 

We talked to Dustyn Shroff, COO of One Concierge to find out the benefits of having your own personal fixer at the other end of the phone.

Tell us a little about One Concierge

One Concierge has quickly grown to become a globally recognized brand in the concierge and lifestyle management industry serving clients in over 115 locales around the world. One Concierge gives individuals and corporations the benefits and advantages of on-site concierge services at a fraction of the cost. We offer clients a reliable and cost effective method for any concierge request. Whether you are looking for a yacht charter or event planning services One Concierge has the knowledge and resources to make your request a reality.

Although proud of our international success, there is much more to One Concierge and our brand. One Concierge was created in 2008 due to global growing demand for quality concierge services. The aim was to create a company that could cater to any service request around the world and not be limited to local service providers. Essentially, One Concierge provides concierge and lifestyle services on an ad-hoc and membership basis, very similar to what a hotel concierge would do for guests during their stay in a 5-star hotel.

With luxury consumer needs ever changing, how do you keep up the latest trends, venues and technologies to offer your clients?

Like most modern day industries, it is essential that are systems, programs, and offerings are as up to date with the latest technological advancements as possible. Our Business Development and IT Teams work together in order to actively stay up to date on the latest emerging service offerings from around the world. Our Business Development team makes it a point to ensure that our clients have access to some of the most recognized and sought after brands across the globe. In our industry, utilizing the technology we have to communicate with clients and partners worldwide is essential; ensuring that we leverage those technologies ensures that we are delivering a truly unsurpassed quality experience to our clients 100% of the time. We believe that whether our clients are interested in procuring luxury items, gaining access to VIP events, or luxury travel arrangements, creating and maintaining relationships with industry leaders across the world keeps One Concierge on the cutting edge of the Concierge and Lifestyle Management industry.

What are the new types of services being requested by clients?

Due to our international presence we have seen a recent increase from both individual and corporate clients who are interested in procuring hard-to-get luxury items here in the United States from overseas. With such high-demand for luxury items here in the United States, One Concierge has been able to assist clients in avoiding high wait times by procuring them overseas and then shipping them to respective clients. Recent items that we have procured are high demand sneakers (on international release dates), high-end timepieces, limited quantity original artworks, and high-end consumer electronics.

What sets One Concierge apart from other concierge services?

At One Concierge we truly pride ourselves on knowing each client by name. We conduct business in over 115 countries around the world, but strive to ensure that every aspect of service we provide is personalized, recognized, and never under-valued. Our clients come first in every aspect of our business; earning their trust and respect is at the core of our business. Our Chief Executive Officer has been known to follow up with clients personally to ensure that the level of service they received was up to their expectations every step of the way. We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients in which we not only know their name, but understand their wishes, their likes, and their lifestyle needs.

How do you see the industry developing over the next few years?

The Concierge & Lifestyle Management industry is changing daily. The beauty of what we do is that our job is never the same; as the economy continues to change, more individuals find themselves with less time during the day, and corporations continue to try and find solutions to assist their employees, concierge services are going to play an essential part of peoples’ everyday lives. As of right now, it is the upper echelon of societies from around the world that are familiar with Concierge companies and their services, but I believe as we continue to grow and our exposure reaches the masses, the concierge industry will quickly find itself catering to more and more clients who are simply in need of time management assistance and day to day service fulfillment. One Concierge is prepared to handle any request and we hope to provide the same type of service for years to come regardless of the inevitable change in needs of our clientele.

What types of bespoke services do you offer to women?

Our service portfolio includes over 150 various offerings that can be offered in any of our worldwide coverage locations. In particular however, for women, our most sought after bespoke services are fully customized personal shopping days with a high-end fashion experts in various cities around the world such as New York, Paris, Barcelona, and Milan. This offering is often used by our female who are either visiting those cities for business or pleasure and and/or often times are looking for an outfit for that special occasion whether it be prom, graduation, engagement parties, and of course weddings!