Miss Bouquet’s Thinking Girl’s Wine Night

Do you know which wine has fewer calories; red, white or rosè?  Or what makes a Chilean wine different from a Californian?  Neither did I until attending this week’s launch of the “Thinking Girls Wine Night” hosted by the fabulous Miss Bouquet (aka Belinda).

The intimate evening with 10 wine loving ladies was held at the very cute Deena B restaurant on the Brompton Road.  Belinda took us through 6 wines with lots of interesting facts, humour and a knowledge gained from over 10 years experience in the wine trade.  The highlight of the night was watching 10 beautifully dressed and coiffed ladies try to gargle wine around their palette without dribbling down their chins!

Choosing a wine can be a daunting task but everyone came away with some useful tips and rules for selecting good supermarket wines.  Belinda’s easy and relaxed manner made for a great night with everyone chipping in with their own tasting notes and preferences.  Next time you’re planning a hen night, office party or girls night out then this is a great way to pass an evening and the spittoon is definitely optional!

For more details on Thinking Girls’ wine nights contact Miss Bouquet.

(BTW – in case you wanted to know – red wine has the fewest calories!)