Luxury bed linen guide

What value do you place on getting a good night’s sleep? Without sleep we simply wouldn’t be able to live. Lack of sleep, broken sleep and irregular sleep patterns lead to all kinds of complications from lost concentration and ill health. Getting a good night’s sleep on the other hand fills you with energy, health and hope. Waking up on the right side of bed puts a smile on your face and you are instantly ready to start the day. In sum, a good night’s sleep helps you to have a good day.

Obviously sleep patterns are affected by stress levels, activity levels, diet, health and hormones. But there is another factor to take into account: bedding. Luxury bed linen makes you want to get into bed; it creates a feeling of relaxation, sensuality and calm. Luxury bed linen doesn’t have to have a luxury price tag. In fact Next has a range of luxury bed linen that is surprisingly affordable. For instance, it has Hotel Signature Bedsets in luxury Egyptian cotton (pictured) from £25 through to £55.

There is a knack to getting the right bedding. There are different quality levels, weaves and materials and each has its own set of benefits. Natural fabrics are favoured over manmade materials, but there are still benefits to be had from manmade fibres. These fabrics wash well, retain their shape and are usually cheaper than natural materials. However, they don’t have the same look, feel and breathability of natural materials. 100% cotton sheets have a high thread count, often above 500 threads per square inch. The linen, which comes straight from the Nile Basin, is crisp, durable and rich.

Aside from the sheets, it’s important to create a calm environment throughout the bedroom. Plenty of colourful cushions, plumped pillows, rich duvets and tonal throws and use soft lighting, a relaxing colour palette and blinds or heavy curtains to black out daylight. To ensure you get a good night’s sleep ensure there is plenty of fresh air in the room, daylight is blocked out and treat yourself to some satin nightwear.

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