Luxe Nuxe

Body oils are the new thing, touted as being an all in one solution for face, skin and hair they talk a big game but having long been a fan of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse I can confirm it works!  It smells divine and the scent lasts all day so I don’t even need to wear perfume.  Whenever my skin, particularly my face is feeling a little parched I spray this on and instantly feel rejuvenated.  It’s also a great for dry ends, just spritz some on after a hair wash and it leaves your skin feeling silky.

As it’s a dry oil, it absorbs right into your skin and hair so there’s no heavy feeling and it drys in seconds.  Other body oils I’ve tried have clung to my clothes even half an hour after applying but this one immediately absorbs.  It’s a great gift too as it looks great on the bathroom shelf.

For the tanners among you the golden shimmer version adds that extra sparkle and is great for holidays.  I prefer the classic version as it’s a bit more versatile.  All in all a brilliant multi use product, the scent alone will have you hooked!

Huile Prodigieuse®