How to make your dining room luxurious

Starting to think about re-decorating any room in your house is a daunting task but if you entertain a lot then your dining room will need the most thought! When you come to think about designing/re-designing your dining room the first consideration has to be the space that is available. Understanding how the elements as they currently are have combined to create the affect that they do, is the key to enhancing them or completely changing them for an alternative and superior effect. Take careful measurements and give some thought to planning by browsing through online galleries or magazines for fresh ideas before making any purchases.

As you develop a plan you can take account of some of the more important concepts, to create an inviting and elegant atmosphere where friends and family can gather for some quality time in luxe surroundings.


After checking out the space available, think about the style you want for the room. You may want one that complements that of adjoining rooms, especially if your house is open plan. There are lots of different styles to choose from if you decide on a complete overhaul, from Contemporary, Traditional and Asian to Country, Art Deco, Arts & Crafts and Classical, so it’s entirely up to you what you feel most at ease with and what expresses your character best.

Dining tables

The most basic element of the dining room is of course the table, and the priority here should be getting one of the correct shape and size. For smaller, squarer spaces, round dining tables will allow easy passage around it, even when all the chairs are in constant use, and the room won’t feel so overwhelmed. On the other hand, if you have a large space at your disposal you could go for a big, solid, rectangular table. Proportional spacing and ease of movement within the room are key.


The proper lighting for a communal dining event is essential for the right ambiance, and you have the opportunity to create a great visual impact by opting for a light fixture that makes a bold statement. There are arguments for overhead and wall lighting, but just make sure that it is fairly low, although not so low that diners can’t easily see each other (or what they’re eating!). Dimming light switches might be a good idea, as are wall sconces and recessed lighting in the ceiling.

If there’s a focal point like a fireplace in the room you can use this to advantage with an oversized candle or flowers. If there isn’t a focal point you could create one with favourite artwork.


Nowadays you can easily find anything to suit your dream colour scheme. Leave the ceiling a neutral white, but go for soft shades for the walls, creating a soft, relaxing atmosphere suitable for after-dinner wine-sipping and tipsy table talk.

Treat yourself to some really luxurious full length curtains to complement your overall design.