Harrods Christmas Hampers

What better gift to give this Christmas than an iconic Harrod’s hamper.  Explore Harrods exclusive collection of 54 food and drink hampers, catering to every taste imaginable and brimming with the finest produce Harrods famous Food Halls has to offer.  A hamper is the perfect gift for dad’s so if you’re heading home for Christmas bring this along and not only be you be the most popular family member but you also get to enjoy the tasty treats yourself – win/win!

Our favourite of the lot is the pamper hamper which includes everything one could need for a day of indulgence – candles, champagne, truffles….is it wrong to buy a hamper for yourself???

If you need to send a gift abroad then Harrod’s offer a selection of exportable hampers which they can ship internationally. That beats queuing at the post office!

If you’re super organised with your Christmas shopping then Harrods are offering free delivery on Christmas hamper orders of £100 or above until 18th November.