Dior launches DiorShow New Look mascara

Ask any girl what her desert island top 10 items are and 9 times out of 10 mascara will feature high on the list!  Mascara’s promise a lot, volume, length, curl, long lastingness but very few do what they say on the tin.  How many times have you gone into the bathroom in work at 3pm and realised to your horror that half of this morning’s mascara application is now on the expressway to your chin?  Embarrasing, right?

So we were slightly dubious when we were asked to sample Dior’s new DiorShow New Look mascara offering “revolutionary, multiplying volume”.  However, now on day 3 and we are loving it!  The brush itself is built for precision and not to bore you too much with the science but it’s designed to get every last lash – even those tiny ones in the inner corner of your eye.  It really makes your eyes pop and you honestly look like you’ve got twice as many lashes.  It also dries really quickly and it even passed the 3pm bathroom test.

What’s more – it’s good for you.  The formula is enriched with Royal Jelly extract which helps regenerate the lashes and repair damaged fibres.  It promises to help build thicker lashes in time so we’ll report back soon on whether that bits true!

It’s at the more expensive end of the mascara market at £23 but you’ll wear it every day and it’ll give you lashes worth batting.  Available in black, brown and blue there’s one for everyone too!  Available on Selfridges.com from 28th January, get in while stocks last….