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  • Our resident wine blogger Miss Bouquet tells us to Man Up!

    Stop. Date check. It’s nearly 2012, non? And yet I’m still rarely passed the wine list unless Mr B gestures for the waiter to do so. It makes me wonder when I’m out with my girlfriends how staff decide which one of us looks worthy of being handed the wine list. What qualities do they […]

  • The French laundry pops up at Harrods

    Anyone who’s heard of Thomas Keller will no doubt be aware of his reputation as being one of the World’s best chefs.  With 3 Michelin stars to his name, his highly acclaimed restaurants in New York (Per Se) and California (The French Laundry) have been repeatedly voted as two of the best restaurants in the […]

  • Miss Bouquet

    Here at MyLuxe one of our biggest lavishness’s is a good bottle of wine!  Prosecco if we’re celebrating or it’s Friday, red with dinner or a crisp bottle of cold white for an alfresco lunch.  Although we can’t get enough of the stuff, we can’t claim to be experts but we have a friend who […]

  • Summer selection from our resident wine blogger – Miss Bouquet

    I cannot get enough of London at the moment! It helps of course that the sunshine makes everything look amazing but it’s not only the capital that’s looking good it’s the people wandering around it that are looking fabulous too. Have you noticed? Take a look when you’re next having a sneaky cappuccino to drink-in. […]

  • Our book of the week

    Your Voice in My Head Talented, prolific and charming, Emma Forrest was settled in Manhattan at twenty-two, and on contract to the Guardian, when she realised that her quirks had gone beyond eccentricity, past the warm waters of weird and into those cold, deep patches of the sea where people lose their lives. Lonely, in […]