Behind the Scenes of Reiss’ AW12 Partywear Shoot

With the party season fast approaching, we went behind the scenes of Reiss’ AW12 partywear shoot.  Here’s what Reiss had to say about their sleek and stylish new collection…..

The party season can be such a predictable time of year, sartorially. Roll out the sequins, make the hair bigger and the make-up brighter and you’re good to go. Right? Hmmm, we’re not so sure…

Following the lead of our in-house design team and the ‘feeling’ in fashion right now, we’re taking things down a notch, without sacrificing on sparkle and glamour.

In the midst of a minimalist, understated and beautifully-executed season, it would seem quite out of step if we steam-rollered our way through the party months in anything less than complementary.

So how do you do it? How do you approach party dressing without getting caught up in the standard ‘Christmas party’ wares?

Our head stylist, Gail Holland, suggests that it all starts with the styling, and not just of your outfit.

“Hair and make-up this season should be pared back with a harder edge than usual,” says Gail, “it’s all about minimal hair and pale skin with a focus on the eyes.”

And when it comes to what to wear, “choose darker tones like graphite, midnight blue, bottle green and black and team them with bold accessories in prune or flashes of neon – it’s all about contradicting your look,” Gail continues.

Of course, if you’re looking for a splash of colour, striking reds, pale greens and silver all do the trick; just keep to the same principle of balancing these statement pieces with toned-down styling.

While this simple approach is important, you shouldn’t lose the Christmas sparkle completely. Play with sequins, add chain-layered jewellery and do slip on a statement shoe.

This season ours come dipped in glitter, sprinkled with crystals and in jewel tones, exclusive prints and luxurious finishes.

It’s time to shine – just not too brightly.

Check out the partywear look here