An exclusive email address – the biggest luxe of all?

Ok so we all like something that’s exclusive, a one off vintage piece, an off the beaten track boutique hotel – but how do you fancy your own elite email address that only 500 people in the whole world are entitled to?  Now you know it exists, sounds tempting doesn’t it!

Elite500 is the world’s first private E-Mail Society offering exclusive communication and information technology concierge services. We’re all heard of exclusive concierge services that book your private jet, hook you up with a celeb etc but why not go that extra mile??  Members of the Elite500 Society are entitled to use the prestigious and exclusive E-Mail address as well as having access to a high-class concierge service.

The Elite500 Society is limited to 500 members worldwide and limited to a certain number of members per country so you won’t have the gmail problem where you have to have 5 numbers in your email address!  Elite500 specialise in combinations of online and offline services to enable their members to connect their personal lives and their digital life.  Become a member and you’ll receive the most exclusive and prestigious information technology and communication service worldwide.

Elite500 partner with the Quintessentially Group so a high class service is guaranteed.  The service doesn’t come cheap but then it wouldn’t be exclusive would it!  For more information on pricing and membership visit Elite500.