Add a touch of luxe to your bedroom in five simple steps

Every woman deserves a lavish touch – and what better way to get glamorous than transforming your bedroom into a boudoir?

The bedroom may be one of the most private rooms in a house, but this doesn’t mean that it should merit less attention when it comes to your decoration and personal style.

Adding glamour and quality can be achieved in a few simple steps, and in ways which won’t mean you have to trek to extremely out-of-the-way boutiques. Here’s our guide to getting classy….

1. Invest in great bed linen

We often overlook this because bed linen is not a very visual design choice: but the higher quality your cotton sheets, the more sumptuous your hours spent there will be.

2. Make light of the situation

Lighting is tricky in bedrooms. We want them bright and airy in the mornings but heavy and dark in evenings so we can easily drop off to sleep. The best way to maximize light is to have a south-facing window, with lined curtains. Otherwise, spot lighting creates delicate and even illumination.

3. Consider carpets (…and rugs)

The poor carpet. Never has any household item seemed so unsexy. But however idyllic your bare wooden floors look, they’re freezing on bare feet in the winter. A subtle carpet is no bad thing, if maintained well; and a rug or throw is essential for bare floors. Use rugs to add ethnic touches, or deep texture.

4. Frame your room

A lot of us just assume that the bed is the focal point of our bedrooms, and pay little attention to how it looks, caring only for how it feels. But your bed can be the most striking shape in the space. Investigate bed frames and stands; do you want a baroque wooden feel; or a cool Scandinavian simplicity?

5. Stuck on storage

Any woman will tell you this anyway, but the secret sartorial life of the bedroom is pretty wild…so keep it under wraps with your wardrobes and storage. Hide-away walk-in closets are a dream, but if you can’t stretch to that, think plain and high wardrobes and chests of drawers. These should be unobtrusive and spacious: you want your clothes to be the main attraction, not the furniture containing them.