Accessorising your lounge for the New Year

For many people, a New Year sparks plans to change. This does not just mean personal New Year’s resolutions; such as to get fit or to eat more healthily, it also means that many people want to freshen up the look of their home. With most people living on a tight budget however, a complete renovation can be both impractical and unaffordable. Fortunately, there are several ways to spruce up the lounge area of the home without spending too much money doing so.

Using colour to create a new look

Changing the accessories in the lounge, which includes the soft furnishings, can give the room a whole new look. If the seating is worn or tatty looking but is still comfortable and perfectly usable then there is no need to throw it away. Buying coordinating throws or removable covers will make the settee and chairs look like new and will not break the bank.

Those who have lived with the same colour scheme in the lounge area for a while, and who perhaps have matching accessories in the same colour scheme and cannot afford to replace everything, can choose a contrasting colour and paint a feature wall. This is a great idea that everyone can try. It can be as bold a contrast or as subtle a contrast as suits each person’s individual taste, but for just a few pounds the room can look completely different. If painting just one wall or just the chimneybreast, for example, a tester pot in a strong colour mixed with a basic cheap magnolia base paint will be enough to make all the difference the home needs.

Save money on accessorising

Saving money is important to many families at the moment; however, in the UK at least, interior designer prices are cheaper than you might expect! If you are completely out of ideas, it might be worth calling in a professional and asking for their help. They will be able to give quotes based on your ideas and also help and advice about how to get the best from the room within the set budget. Adventurous types could contact the nearest design school to see if any students would like to use the room as part of their coursework. There is, of course, some risk to this, but many students might just be grateful for the practical experience and be willing to work on a shoestring budget.

Freshening up a room for the New Year just takes a little imagination. A few new scatter cushions in a different colour or style to the ones currently in the room can make a bold statement. Real plants and flowers bring a room to life, but those who are not green-fingered will find that fake plants can work just as well.

The lounge is the room in the house that most visitors get to see, so it is very important that it is kept looking welcoming and cosy. Soft lighting and real fires could mean that visitors feel so at home that they never want to leave.